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 Bots at Work

With Robotic Process Automation we take our services to the next level, helping our clients streamline their businesses, adding accuracy, consistency, become more agile and free up existing talent to pursue more creative work instead of repeating the same tasks.

 Bot Consulting

In today's rapidly changing IT environment, leaders across the industry face a multitude of operational and technical challenges. We provide a full spectrum of Robotic architecture and design solutions to address your most complex mission requirements.

 Bot Automation

A diagnostic review across your processes reveal the greatest potential for bots. This diagnostic phase is called a client automation review, this enables you to realise the effectiveness Robotic Automation can bring to your business.

Who We Are? Why Us?

Innogra is a “Next Generation” global IT solution services provider with headquarters in UK. The founders and core management team have accumulated over 75 years experience of successfully leading complex projects for major corporates in Banking, Automotive, Telecommunication, Retail and Healthcare markets.

We specialize in Robotic Process Automation and are qualified experts in providing advice and solutions. We have indepth expertise in business process automation and are able to appreciate how this industry has transformed in enabling businesses to scale using RPA. We differentiate ourselves from the others by virtue of our singular business solution and technology accelerator frameworks.